Blogging over a bite (of Stouffer’s lasagna)

Honestly, Stouffer’s lasagna isn’t half bad. And that’s coming from an Italian! So today I have been in a “flow” until I decided I needed to listen to my stomach and blood sugar level and sit down and have a bite and a blog. I am having a very different day so far than yesterday (thank goodness). I woke up all snuggled in my covers too late for the flow yoga class, but just in time for the beginner yoga class at my studio. I like taking beginner classes because they help with alignment, technique, and mindfulness within each pose. They can sometimes be more challenging than regular level classes because you are holding poses for longer. Anyway, the class was absolutely perfect for my body’s needs. Another snowy yoga class at my beautiful studio! I snapped a picture of the beautiful snowy river from the lobby. See the photo below!

I wore my new exercise tank for the first time, which was a style that I purposefully chose because it will not ride up while I go into inversions. My goal for the new year is to get into new inversions and poses I have been working on. And guess what!? After years of attempting wheel and recently achieved getting into “baby wheel”, I pushed up, up and up some more… and ta da! I got into the full expression of wheel. The yoga class felt magical and surprisingly relaxing to me today. I thought today would be tougher than it has been so far, because he is moving into his new apartment today…the place where I was supposed to move to with him when my lease ended in August? Make plans, watch God laugh. I find it quite remarkable that my heart feels full of love and hope for myself today and sends out positive vibes to him as well. I sent him a text sending my well wishes on his move-in day and expressed not wanting or needing a response back from him.

What is interesting about wheel pose is that it is a heart opener. It opens your heart to love, to give and to receive, to/from yourself and others. It opens your heart to the universe and its many possibilities. I sometimes surprise myself with my physical and psychological strength (and also my emotional weakness at times, honestly…but that is OK). I cherish these moments of happiness and positivity because as humans (especially those in northeastern America) there tends to be much emphasis on eradicating weakness, emotionalism, and simple fun in life. This is how I feel at least. I am doing my best to nurture both my strengths and weaknesses in body, mind, and spirit at this time and tend to my whole self in a nurturing way. My sporadic wheel pose gave me some hope that things are being worked out within my body and within the universe…at their own time. And I am grateful that even the most negative of my life experiences has left my heart still full of love and openness. I think this was a long enough post on this snowy afternoon. Thank you for supporting me on this journey by reading my blog. You are loved and appreciated, and I can tell you that it’s not just by me! 🙂 Might write later…have a good day today! I’m off to exchange some boots at the store.





One thought on “Blogging over a bite (of Stouffer’s lasagna)

  1. Congrats on the wheel pose! I have a gym membership that offers yoga classes and I’m so excited to try them. Yoga is awesome. They call Brazilian jiu-jitsu (the martial art I train) involuntary yoga lol. You can imagine what that’s like. Tied up into a pretzel. Your studio looks so lovely! I wish it snowed in Los Angeles. 😆


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