My Third and Fourth Chakras Hurt

My mid and lower back are hurting, corresponding to the heart and solar plexus chakras. This makes a whole lot of sense to me at this given moment.  I just read an article that said my heart is likely “sore” (feeling) as is what the solar plexus chakra represents: fire, power, autonomy, will, energy, metabolism, technology, transformation, self-esteem.  I’m literally experiencing growing pains from my current struggles according to where they manifest in the body. You bet I grabbed my rose quartz mandala and put it around my neck as soon as I read that about my heart chakra. It is true though. My heart hurts and my self-esteem is hurting as well. Anywho…my next client is here. Some positives are that I’m half-way through my day and I am 15 hours away from being able to apply for my full independent licensure in social work. So hoorah for that and body awareness and nurturance.


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