Snow Day Salutations

Hello, or should I say goodnight…if you’re like me on the cold and snowy East Coast getting ready for bed. My town requires that all cars on the street be moved when there is 3 inches of snow or more, so this morning I called my clients and work to cancel then got my butt over to my parents’ house in my hometown, a town over, to leave my car and ride out this blizzard. I found an old memento of him and mine and cried for maybe 5 minutes, which threw a hiccup into my day and delayed me a few minutes in the snow. I recovered surprisingly quickly and worked it through with my friends over our group text. I spent the day reading and helping around the house. I watched a movie and completed most of the clinical social worker application, as I anticipate to be done with my 1,920 hours tomorrow or early next week. I’m always working and always doing. My parents are the same. I’m surprised I sat for a whole movie. We watched View from Above, which is a corny romcom chick flick but it was very much needed and appreciated. I now lay here in the bed where I last slept in when I was absolutely devastated during the weekend of the breakup. I thought my life was over and that I wouldn’t ever overcome such heartbreak. I lay in this bed tonight a completely different, stronger? more hopeful (and less medicated) person than I was a month ago. This room looks and feels a lot different today…as different as my life feels. It’s funny that how we feel and what we think (our perspective) about the world can be so different based on the mood/ state of mind we are in. Everyone in snowy, frigid places…please stay warm and safe tonight! Goodnight. From the comfy guest room king-size bed. Going to do a little reading and journaling, maybe a guided meditation from insight timer then sleep!


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