Major Cognitive Reframe!

I am such a therapist/nerd. So I decided to turn my night around! I had gotten into an argument with my stepmom and felt very alone…even though I’m learning that I’m never really truly alone. I’m learning to handle things by myself or with the support of others other than him, who I would go to first and foremost. My stepmom and I eventually talked things out. I realized that I wasn’t in a good place after work and reacted to something a bit critical of me over text. I see his new town’s name posted on most every highway sign coming home. I find it interesting–yet profound in a way– that there is literally a fork in the road the separates his exit direction from mine.  Your car stays in a lane to head towards his town or New York City- the direction towards where I live. Tonight after a few minutes of upheaval and tears, I’m thinking about the future, about picking reiki back up again and joining a new gym. I’m thinking about exploring my own interests, and maybe going on a yoga retreat in Mexico in March (well this depends on a lot of different factors). I’m thinking about writing a book to help millenials navigate codependency in the technology age…and to also spread awareness of how much of a “self”-killer codependency and what to do to shake off those traits. I am still in the process of shaking them off/healing/and growing, but I do always practice what I preach. I also allow myself to be HUMAN in front of myself, others, and my clients. I give myself permission to be hurt, upset, cry, and to think about him and all my other past pain and heartbreak. I also give myself permission to shift my thinking and smile when I walk past a snow angel on the ground–like I just did tonight. I am teaching myself to stretch out the “snow angel” moments, because they reveal what makes me happy…not the moments that I have been programmed to overanalyze and overthink in a negative light. I hope your days are filled with “snow angel” moments!



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