I had a thought

Ever wonder why there is a whole self-love movement going on in the world today? BECAUSE WE (me and my loving and supportive self-love promoting community…I see you guys :)!) NEED TO HEAR IT, SAY IT TO OURSELVES AND OTHERS, AND BELIEVE IT…AS DOES THE WORLD. If people of the world didn’t need to say, hear, act, and hopefully believe these things, then this movement wouldn’t exist. There is an inherent need to feel “enough” in today’s day and age, because we are too often taught to believe that we are NOT. WE ARE NOT VERY NICE TO THE SELF AND PERHAPS THE WORLD HASN’T BEEN VERY NICE TO US EITHER. PERHAPS THE WORLD HAS TAUGHT US TO NOT BE NICE TO OURSELVES. THERE IS SO MUCH JUDGMENT ON THE OUTSIDE THAT THE TRUE IDENTITY AND THE QUALITY THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE PERSON IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED. We are not robots. We react to negative criticsm and judgment that come our way and to the negative critcism and judgment we have on our own selves. We have so much seemingly perfect “perfection” to be compared to and we are told–or tell ourselves– that we are not enough or worthy. We are shunned when we are not perfect or not ideal, yet we have a loving heart and soul and are driven for success. We are shunned when we are not “enough” in the eyes of others and then we believe it too. This is a hard lesson to learn, but we are perfect the way we are. We can improve IF and WHEN WE see fit. This is our decision and no one else’s. If you don’t make changes for you, then they will not truly last. It makes me angry that we have to have this movement in the first place. Why can’t we all chill out and point out the GOOD that is our selves and others’ selves? Why can’t the others do the same with us?


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