Annoying weekend but ending on a positive note!

So I slowly realize that I am not yet ready to make ANY decisions bigger than what toothpaste to get or what color nail polish to put on my toes. And this is perfectly OK. I tried working out at the gym I signed up for and I didn’t like it at all. I am listening to and following my gut. I don’t know how or why I fell for this idea of a “gym” gym and what it may bring me. No harm no foul, but I have to say that I felt tricked into joining. My bad really for not making an informed decision. At least I’m cancelling the contract tomorrow…first thing. I hate that I’m going to have to deal with these salespeople in the morning. Pain in my ass. I know I brought this upon myself. I wanted to try something new, which is fine, but I gave in to some seriously pushy salespeople before making an informed decision (or working out the committment in my budget). My falling for this is me not being a “self” and failing a codependency test in my life. My plan from here on out is yoga, getting back into my cardio and strength training at my gym, and eating healthier. I let myself go this past month…I let it happen, observed it, and didn’t judge it until now. I feel not-so-good. It’s now time to get back. I bought myself some healthy groceries today (a few snacks as well) and plan to mealprep for the week, so here goes nothing! I also am doing my laundry. These sound like trivial things, but when you’re depressed, anxious, and preoccupied with God-knows-what and trying to self-care, you tend to put the rest on the back-burner. I’m just signed up for a free trial of a TV streaming service that I will likely keep! I am watching the golden globes as I drink my kombucha and clean up my place. Not bad! These are all forms of self-care. I just need to keep it up.






4 thoughts on “Annoying weekend but ending on a positive note!

  1. Pleased i read this. Following ur post on Instagram i’m headed to my local gym to find out the options available to me. So ill be extra attentive and careful wen they sell their offers to me. Im pleased u define wt self care means. Seriously every little helps.


    1. You got it!! Thank you so much for reading and following! I’m so happy you find my posts helpful. Anxiety totally sucks but working out, eating right, and yoga/ mindfulness really help. Contact me any time! I’ll check out your social media as well. 🙂


  2. I really enjoy reading your blogs! Coming from a girl with anxiety/depression, it’s nice to see that someone else thinks the same as I do! Keep writing, can’t wait for the next post!


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