Over the hump!

I hope you all are doing well on this hump day evening! It was a cold and snowy day today on the East Coast. I was impressed and grateful that all my clients showed up and that I got my ass up and moving to get to work promptly at 9 AM this morning. I was expecting a delayed opening for some reason, so I woke up thinking of hot cocoa and staying in my pajamas. Fail to plan, plan to fail or make plans and watch God laugh? I guess it depends on the situation. It worked out. My parents expressed that they were hesitant about me going into work when there were quite a few schools in the area with delayed openings. I’m happy that I used my better judgment and went in. Also, there was not as much traffic on the roads! I worked a full day…and then some…I’m getting caught up on my paperwork and getting my work mojo and flow back! I also have some hefty cases, so I have to be on my A-game for those. I went to dinner with my friend and her boyfriend and had a nice time catching up and then I went over to my parents for a quick hello. All around good evening! Here I am now sitting in my bed, finishing up the Chipotle from dinner and blogging. I’m then off to do some reading, snuggling, and complete a training course on Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I always like to keep myself busy and productive, setting goals so my mind doesn’t get set on other, negative things. Please note that it is important to take time out of your busy schedule to feel the feelings you may be otherwise trying to ignore. I do my best to allow myself time for that. It’s not the most pleasant feeling and I don’t encourage you to run with these unpleasant feelings. Melody Beattie suggests that we allow ourself to experience all of our feelings, allow them to come to the surface, and then release them…let them go. Goodnight, everyone. I try to take my own advice the best way I can. Perhaps my advice can help you too! ❤️


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