Quiet Snuggly Night In

I’m getting very sleepy! So I woke up super tired this morning after working harder this past week than I have in a while, and seeing so many people. We have a new email reminder system and attendance and payment agreement for our clients…and quite a few of my clients are in crisis…so they are all showing up. This week has been rewarding but exhausting at the same time! I would say my best moment from the workweek was encouraging a client with a pervasive mental illness to take his meds, after the client was upset at the world and protesting by refusing to take them. He finally did and I was so proud. Rapport, trust, and a little humor go a long way. I literally couldn’t stop smiling for about 20 minutes after this accomplishment. I was genuine and caring.  It was so awesome seeing myself make a little difference in feal time and appealing to this client’s need to be heard, instead of coersing, tricking, or bribing him to take his meds. I took a Muay Thai class tonight and am looking to pursue BJJ. My shoulders are starting to hurt. And today, I jumped rope for the first time since I was 10. And damn! My body is probably so confused by my taking it out of its normal routine. Tomorrow morning, I plan to roll out my mat, like my body is used to, and attend a beginner yoga class then go to the gym. Okay, I’m falling asleep! My muscles feel like they’re hurting already! lol Goodnight. No pain, no gain!


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