I’m gone for 1 day…

And I have 7 voicemails waiting for me at 9:00 AM from yesterday. I attended Day 1 of 2 trainings to be a part of the Lead Response Team for the Traumatic Loss Coalition in 2 counties in NJ. I’m all about seizing all training opportunities, experiences, and resume boosters as possible. I’m determined to be successful in what I do and if I am given opportunities, I most often take them. Anywho, I have lots to tend to today. It is kind of nice to know that my role and responsibilities in this job are significant. At the same time, a lot falls on me. I also had 2 cancellations since I walked in, so that narrows my number of sessions today to 4…much more manageable than 6! Just gotta focus and get sh*t done! I have Muay Thai tonight too, after taking a few days off  from working out. I plan to get back at it for the weekend, prep a healthy meal for the week, and get back on track!


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