Finally caught up!

On my Netflix shows? No. On sleep? Not a problem, but still no. I am FINALLY caught up at work on my notes. I have a new system for myself that I was basically forced to put in to place…in simplified terms, this system is basically “self-discipline”. For me this means beginning and ending my sessions on-time and having the discipline to complete the progress notes in between sessions. I actually didn’t realize how truly efficient I need to be to thrive at my job. Today I proved to myself and to my supervisor that I have what it takes. I just need to continue putting forth this effort and drive. I’m also pretty tired now. I forewent the gym tonight to focus on my Feb 7 paperwork deadline. I worked an additional 2 hours, but I had to do what I had to do. I can’t make this a habit or I will tire. I felt very refreshed today after my weekend and felt energize to work steadily for 10 hours. I feel accomplished. I have to remember to keep up my self-care and nurturing activities for me. Part of self-care is keeping my moods/emotions and reactions in check. I plan to make reiki a daily practice for myself. I also decided to stop cursing exits on the parkway and college and high school decals that represented me not being good enough. I want to give love to the universe and to others, and the universe will send love and light back to me. It’s so much easier living lightheartedly. I do prefer it.


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