Boundaries are a girl’s best friend

Indeed they are! I’m very proud of myself for FINALLY being able to set good boundaries at this time with others. I can state my intentions with an individual and be firm with my boundaries…and stick to my gut! I’m really excited to be able to breathe, live my life, and be honest to others about how I may feel about them. I know I need this time in my life ALONE to really focus on my career, myself, and my own passions and interests. It’s pretty damn refreshing to not want or need anyone at this point in my life. I have heard that the greatest lovestory is the one where you fall in love with yourself. Slowly but surely I am beginning to live this story out. Others may want or need me, but I hold them at a safe distance and a firm boundary to take care of myself–my own feelings and desires. My only feelings and desires at this time are to better my own life myself :). I’ve been really relying on the phrase “que sera sera” and doing my best to give my worries about the future up to the universe and to trust that all will work out as it is meant to!


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