Listen to your heart

And I did just that today! Honestly, not very timely on Valentine’s Day of all days, but that is OK. I am a real person who is committed to being true to myself and honest with others. I’m going to spare many details of the current situation, but the general idea is that I “let someone down easy” today with love and respect.  This week, my nervous system has been going crazy and I’ve been feeling totally off-balance and anxious because I put myself in a situation that felt WRONG. Nothing happened to me, I guarantee, so please don’t worry about me!  I wanted to make sure that these gut feelings were negative, so I gave it a shot and oh boy, my gut is ALIVE AND WELL AND RESPONSIVE (ALWAYS REMEMBER TO THANK AND FOLLOW YOUR GUT). So I did just that and politely expressed myself and my honest feelings towards this particular situation. Codependent Marie would keep going with this and attach to the nearest person, place, or thing that would validate me and make me feel loved. I simply do not want this particular situation now or ever. And I am not longing for my ex this Valentine’s Day. I am simply focusing on taking care of myself. I bought myself flowers today after work!  In therapy/life, I am working on being able to hold my anxious and unpleasant emotions instead of relying on others as my outlet for this energy.  Social media and my friends are a great outlet and source of support for me, if I use these resources appropriately. I think I am doing pretty well actually. I’m listening to my inner voice (it’s hard not to when it is SCREAMING) and focusing on what is good for me. I feel good and proud. Tonight apparently, 2 raw and 2 microwaved pull-apart chocolate chip cookies were good for me. I think I just figured out what I’m giving up for Lent! :O I also went to church tonight for Ash Wednesday and visited my parents after. I had to do something difficult today, but everyone, including this other person deserves to be happy and to be LOVED FULLY. Right now, I am working on fully loving myself with no distractions!


Affirmation (silly): Love thyself, honor thyself, treat thyself.


YOU ALL ARE LOVED AND YOU BETTER SHOW IT TO YOURSELVES! It’s OK I’m just learning (to love me…Marie)!


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! <3333333333333333333


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