This week was so EXHAUSTING for me for some reason! I fell behind on my paperwork (about to do some of that now), my stomach was funky, and I was just totally exhausted. Tonight I miss him. I hung out with a friend for a little after work to unwind after my long and tiring day today.  All my clients showed today and I received a lot of phone calls in between sessions…a lot of needs to be met by me out there today :/.  I’m just physically tired and want what I had with him…minus the questioning of my intelligence/master’s-level education/occupation/alma mater/emotional stability (really, though?), threat of someone who is “better” (credentials) to come along, and the appropriate ongoing depression as a result. I’m not a victim here. I really should have stood up for myself more and let my true self shine more as well. Now, I tell things like they are and express how I feel. I clearly state when I’m feeling uncomfortable and if the other person doesn’t change their behavior, I leave. ok I’m super tired now…goodnight!


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