Hi, hi!

Remember me? I’m still here. Living a little bit more than writing these days. I’ve been dedicating more time to my instagram account as well…it doesn’t require me to sit on my butt and mindfully write out what I want to say…I just say it or post it. I find myself being thrown off balance very easily by others. I am trying an approach with others to be supportive of me limiting my distractions so that I can focus on myself and my career at this point in time. Myself and my career should really take precedent at this time. I am mindful that when I see myself slipping, that I can bring myself back in. My SELF and my career are sometimes not the most fun or exciting of topics, but now is the time to do the work I need to do–professionally and personally. I welcome distractions too easily at times and kick myself when I don’t take advantage of the few free hours of my day. It’s all about time management according to what is best for ME! That is my 2 cents for tonight. Grabbing my laundry then off to lalaland! Goodnight 🙂


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