Weekend Update

Hey, everyone! I find myself writing on this blog less as I begin to cope in different ways, or maybe it is that I’m healing or distracting myself better. I feel like I’m stuck in an old pattern a bit again. I overanalyze myself to the point where I question most everything I do and think. I’m trying to get better with that and listen to my inner voice. This weekend I had trouble getting my schedule and decisions about how to spend my time together. However, I eventually figured it out and had an overall well-balanced weekend, including being back at the gym yesterday, church, time with my friends and time with my family. All-around I’d say solid weekend. I’m dozing off now. Just wanted to check-in. I have more to say but I’m szzzzzzzleepy. Goodnight! Have a kick ass week. I will hopefully write a little later on today or at least by mid week!


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