My head feels like what it looks like outside

Hey, everyone! Happy snow day  humpday to some and happy normal humpday to others! I’m in New Jersey! I find that  thoughts are whirling through my mind today in a similar fashion to this crazy snow outside. I have been experiencing a range of different feelings, including anxiety and excitement about things today and last night and I don’t know why. I got my butt to the gym this morning to let some of this out in a healthy and productive way. I’ve been at my parents’ house since last night because I stay there during significant snow storms due to the street parking rules where I live when it snows. I worked until 9 last night, went over to their house, and just felt a weird amount of energy, giddiness, and overall weird feelings and no where to really place them. I feel this way often at my parents’ house for some reason. My stomach was also being weird that day, which leads me to a topic I will discuss later on in this post…EATING!  IDK what these feelings were. JK of course I do…it’s anxiety! So what did I do last night after work? I watched Stepbrothers (good) and ate too much chocolate (bad). I think I need to do a self-help eating workbook myself and not just preach positive eating habits to others like my job as a counselor is to do. I woke up this morning just raring to go somewhere and do something. My energy was out of whack, so naturally my thoughts and feelings/emotions are going to folow suit. Thank GOD the snow wasn’t too bad so I went to the gym. I ran, lifted, did some other cardio…all around a solid workout. But in the middle, I felt so sick to my stomach. The issue resolved itself and I was able to continue on with my workout, but I resolved to work on eating healthier, as this likely would have never happened if my diet was better. I work out very hard and often worry about the future for my heart and blood sugar levels because of my poor eating at times (or perhaps this is the anxiety speaking once again!). My instances of poor eating are not usually the ones I post on Instagram…though I probably should start to show some accountability! I just don’t like the way my stomach feels a lot of the time. I did the gluten-free thing for a while without a true identification that I was intolerant to it. So at the gym, I texted my friend group, appropriately titled “The Girls Room”, and we plan to hold each other accountable and hop on the Whole 30 trend. Some of them did it already and swear by it! I just want my stomach and body to feel healthier so that I don’t feel disgusting before, during, and after I exercise. I think this will help my mental state as well. At this point in my life, I am trying to live my best life! My energy level is still a bit high, but more controlled and I have been productive and alert. I’m about to go shovel a little for my parents now! Be safe everyone! I have more to talk about and lots on my mind (as you know), so maybe I’ll double-post today! 🙂

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