Today I Feel Good!

Seriously…feelings don’t last forever and I am so ready to KILL IT today at work, the gym, and home- the places I will frequent where I have responsibilities to fulfill. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to fall apart a little,lose focus, and lose energy to realize what is really important and to rebuild an even better version of ourselves! I am thinking that the secret to all of this is to focus on your own goals/life without the interference of others, whether their interference is positive or negative. I am noticing how easily I get thrown off from my own centeredness. One can get so easily taken away from his or her own focus on life. I am super cautious and wary of this, as I fall victim to this often. I didn’t do my 5 Minute Journal for the past 2 days and was preoccupied. I choose to forgive myself for this and continue on as normal today. Last night, I went to dinner and hung out with my parents…though my parents and any parents are pretty much infamous for causing frustration in their kids…last night they brought me joy and laughter. I had a quality time with them. My dad provided me with some financial and investment counseling and a tax return review, which was so much needed and appreciated. This has helped me to get excited for my own life, prosperity, and future! 🙂 Affirmation: Today I am focused on my own life–career, personal development, leisure, fitness–and the goals for which I strive in these domains of my life.

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