Taking a New Direction

So I was thinking about retiring this blog for a little while, but I think I need to take a different approach than what I have been doing (in my blog AND in my life). A friend pointed out to me that focusing on the difficulties and heartbreak tends to rehash things, potentially making them worse…at least in my mind. I think sometimes that the content I post on here would be more appropriate in a journal. Life is one giant lesson and boundaries is one that keeps finding me somehow. So I have consciously decided to take this blog in a new direction as of today…this direction involves me not talking about the specifics of the nitty gritty of my daily life’s ups and downs but about talking about ways in which I am self-caring and self-discovering…basically focusing on what I’m up to in terms of taking care of me…not what I’m thinking. I wanted to share this with you all. Today I woke up rather early and made a decision to not commit to a plan because I needed to take care of myself and because it didn’t feel right in my gut. 1 cup of decaf, a protein bar, and some journaling later, and now I’m here thinking about my next plan for the day, as I have today free. I would like to do whatever I can do to rest, recuperate, and restore before the workweek. I’m thinking today would be good for church, the gym, maybe grocery shop to make a homecooked meal for the week! I’m feeling a bit tired and lazy now and am snuggled up in my blankets on my sofa. These are things that feed my mind, body, and soul. I’ve been trying to do more of this at this point in my life, while navigating it the best way I can.

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